• Work like you don't need money,
    Love like you've never been hurt,
    Dance like nobody is watching.
  • Dancing is like
    dreaming with your feet.
  • On with the dance,
    I let joy be confined.
    No sleep till moon,
    when youth & pleasure meet,
    to chase the glowing hours,
    with flying feet.
  • Dancing faces you toward heaven, whichever direction you turn.

About me

In Every Moment ..... I Learn

"Performance attached with right skills, expertise, competence & right attitude is most valued in Life". Purva, a promising talented artiste on the sphere of art from Pune (India), has received training in Kathak, under the eminent guidance of renowned Kathak Guru Mrs. Maneesha Sathe For last 20 years.

Being a part of Maneesha Nrityalaya’s Performing Unit, Purva is also recognized as a performer, choreographer & a teacher in the field of Kathak.
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My Performances

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