“Performance attached with right skills, expertise, competence and right attitude is most valued in Life” is what Purva believes in.

Purva’s unique blend of Beauty, Talent, Poise, Charismatic Presence topped by Graceful movements leaves her audience mesmerized and captivated always wanting for more…

Her Performances are bestowed with her command in depicting & portraying all her dance elements with her effortless expressions and beautiful Abhinaya adding a unique blend to all her renditions!

Right from evolving new ideas, concepts, themes to visualizing them in the form of dance, and making it come true on stage with relevant choreography, eye catching costumes & props without compromising on the authenticity, purity and dignity of the dance form, have been her most powerful traits !

Purva’s affirmative approach,  energy, open thought process,  discipline and dedication is reflected in her graceful and flawless performances which have captured her audience’s attention worldwide.

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