Purva considers, ‘Dream’s become goals when they are attached with perseverance, dedication & visualisation’. Her unusual power of visualization has made her evolve a lot of new concepts & ideas, keeping in mind the authenticity & dignity of Kathak.

Her most novel imaginations have been implemented into reality in the form of  beautiful Ballets :-

“Indian Classical Dance is deeply rooted into the rich Indian Culture. The creativity of dancers blesses the audience with a beautiful insight into the same. The journey is endless yet enriching. This performance comprises of three dance sequences woven around some spectacular mythological characters. Through these sequences, the dancers potray the eternal qualities of Faith and Devotion is Fathomless like the deep ocean. Dive into it and you will awestruck to witness it’s numerous shades.”
She has been bestowed with creativity and time and again she has proved that trying something new within the boundaries of kathak’s technical nuances has made her a sought after artist.


Hanuman , the ardent devotee of Lord Shri Ram, is Known for his unparalleled power, promptness & dutifulness. His life was full of astounding feats carriedout for the Lord.

The Vivacity of Hanuman miraculously reflects the dyanmism of Dance. Thus in the presentation – Nirata Karata Hanuman – he emerges as an engrossed dancer – whose dance echoes nothing but “Ram -Naam”.


Guru is not necessarily a person , nor is knowledge confined to an individual. Pursuit of knowledge itself generates self – learning.Samarpan is a touching story of a matchless archer whosefaith in his Guru Knew no bounds. His ultimate surrender of body, mind &soul, left the ‘Ego’ Speechless.


Merra Ke Giridhar… Radha Ke Shyam

The way Shri Krishna appeals to you is the way you behold him. That is the charm, of Shri Krishna. A Single life span is not enough to grasp Krishna in tatality. Love him like Radha, worship him like Meera… and Sometimes , take a glance at the world from the Lord’s point of view as well.

This is a dance ballet on the social theme of organ donation. It is a story of a kathak dancer who teaches dance to a blind girl who is passionate to learn the same. Unfortunately she dies in a mishap but by donating her eyes for her blind student she lives through her and her dance!
This is one of the many choreographies by Purva to create social awareness.

 This is a story of a devdasi Chaula whose life is dance! Her life takes an unexpected turn and she becomes a wedded Queen of a King! In her later life she is torn between her life passion and her duty. The three dancers portray the culmination of emotions wonderfully!

A conscious positive living of Jain Guru Shree ShantiSagarji Maharaj presented through dance & drama.

A conscious positive living of Jain Guru Shree ShantiSagarji Maharaj presented through dance & drama.

Choreographies & Concepts

Purva has an urge of always experimenting with different genres, her performance have left an endelible impact on the minds of the audiences everytime. Some unique creations with different instruments , to mention a few like dhol tasha , grand piano , harmonica , drums.

A different choreography using Mirrors , a daily part of our life which shows our image, beauty used to show purity and divinity of Kathak.A beautiful blend of kathak with skates An outstanding melange of three classical dance styles Kathak Bharatnatyam and odissi. An unusual blend of classical dance style kathak with Latin dance style Salsa.


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